We invite you to remember your loved ones who have died by committing an act of kindness in their honor. Love, kindness, generosity, sharing, these are the gifts we can give to them.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Acts of Kindness

From Peggy and Hank:

Dear Karla and Jamie,

It was so good to see you and Lula at the Angel of Hope service. With Theo in mind I bought and gave a book for grieving grandparents to a couple who have recently lost their teenage granddaughter to drug overdose. Thank you for the inspiration to reach out to others in need this holiday season.

May you enjoy the joys of the season, whatever they may be for you and your family.


From Angela and Mike:

For Theo this year, Mike and I were going to do our secret donation of a large tip to a waiter or waitress. However, at a faculty meeting this week, our principal shared that a school family was struggling financially and could use some help this Christmas getting items for their children.
The items included clothes, shoes, etc.

We decided to donate our money in Theo's honor to the family. My grade level added a certificate for the Mom and her daughter to get their nails done, too. They needed something FUN to do too! :-)

The Mom is a single mom who is battling cancer for the 2nd time. I have been worried about her daughter. There are many unanswered questions from everyone involved, and the Mom is worried this may be her last Christmas. She is such a strong, positive person, and I have enjoyed getting to know her.

Once again, I am reminded that our life pattern can be altered on a dime, and the only thing you can do sometimes is enjoy the moment.

Please keep this family in your prayers or meditation. I just hope that their day on Christmas is a peaceful one. I feel honored to have done my little part on Theo's behalf.Life is too precious and the moments too few.......have a wonderful day TODAY!

Love and Kisses...Angela and Mike

From Audrey:

I love this kindness project and it's so easy to participate.

I was moved today by 12 high school students standing outside in the cold playing their clarinets, trumpets, flutes and other band instruments outside the local grocery store. Their band director was shivering as he struggled to keep them playing, and the choir director was selling baked goods the students had made. I went to my car and dropped off the groceries, then walked back and gave them a few dollars with a "good luck." "Oh, take some cookies," the choral director says. "Here," I smile, "I don't need anything, just want to contribute."

You know I don't know if they were raising money for a trip or because of some new budget cut or worse loss of part of their program, but music is the thread that ties hearts together--and that's worth more than a couple bucks. At the time, I didn't think this was much, but for what it is, I'm happy to add this act of kindness in Theo's name.

Cait's mom