We invite you to remember your loved ones who have died by committing an act of kindness in their honor. Love, kindness, generosity, sharing, these are the gifts we can give to them.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012

From Christy Smith:

For Theo's stocking, my random act of kindness was to make four homemade baked goodies for a friend and her family. She is helping care for her aunt who is dying of pancreatic CA any day now, and she has had no time to make it feel like Christmas for her own family. Hopefully, the gesture made life feel more normal for her kids and husband and honored her aunt's final days.

From Anonymous:

I'm sharing an act of kindness that someone did for me. I use a walker and am fairly ill, so getting out is not easy for me. I decided to go out to see country musician Lee Brice in concert at a small nightclub recently. I had won a Meet and Greet with him. The nightclub was packed and there was no room for me in the venue to stay to watch the concert. So, I planned on just meeting him and then leaving afterwards. He was very nice and I just casually mentioned that he had a large crowd and would have a warm reception for the night. I also mentioned that there probably wouldn't be room for me to watch the concert but that I'm sure he would have a great show. He not only made sure I had spot to watch the show, but it was a spot by his sound equipment and near the stage. His entire crew of people working for him treated me like I was one of their own for the night and all hugged me as I was leaving. One even gave me a guitar pick. This was truly a random act of kindness that I will pay forward to someone else in the future.


I went to visit someone in the hospital that I haven't seen since high school. Through the magic of Facebook, I had seen her post that she was sick and made up my mind to visit.
She and I were not close in school, in fact, I barely knew her. However something kept pulling on my heart to visit. When I walked in, she started crying and explained she didn't have anyone that had checked on her. Thank you Karla for challenging us all to do something nice for someone. My spirit is restored.

From Bonnie Thomas:

A friend of mine I had known only on Facebook, has been homeless in the last year and finally got to move into an apartment just before Thanksgiving. She has two boys. She is so very thankful to have a home this Christmas and mentioned not having money for a tree. I told her I would buy one-- no worries! I picked her up a few days later (meeting her face to face for the first time) and we went and found a tree for her family and brought it back to her place. This act of kindness was done in Theo’s honor.

From Anonymous:

I bought a little purple sock monkey and left it on a table in a coffee shop where a little girl was sitting bored with her mom who was working (looking for a job) there.
~She was very happy as I spied – thank you Theo

From Lauren Methena:

I gave a homeless man near my home, a man I see nearly every day, a granola bar in honor of Theo and a clementine in honor of Aydin. He was appreciative of them. He seemed like a nice man. I may start carrying granola bars more often. These came out of my lunch box today.