We invite you to remember your loved ones who have died by committing an act of kindness in their honor. Love, kindness, generosity, sharing, these are the gifts we can give to them.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The First Day of Winter

This year I called the gas company to order gas for someone who couldn't afford it for their fireplace gas logs. Now if the electricity goes off they will still be warm.
---Dyanne Helbert, Theo's Granna

Today, my friends and I used our left over swipes to buy food for the homeless! It was a great feeling. Happy holidays!
---Udari Liyanage

Last week I was meeting my parents for lunch, and noticed a man standing near his car. He told me his battery was dead, so I went and got some jumper cables, and gave his car a jump. Turns out he was driving his mother to the dentist, so it helped get both of them home.
Hope you had a good fall semester, and have a merry Christmas, and happy new year.
---Pete Hanley

Tonight, I baked mini bundt cakes for my neighbors. I thought of Theo and everyone who is missing their loved ones this holiday season. I am missing my Dad who passed 2 years ago. I will be assembling the cakes with love and delivering them to my neighbors in Theo's Memory. He was an Angel on Earth.
---Julie Aliff

I gave $100 to a lady who has four kids and very little income. Made me feel good to know that those babies would get something for Christmas.
---Angela Dawn Goforth

With my mom having cancer she and my family haven't paid much attention to the house. It's quite messy and I know my mom gets really stressed when things aren't done. I decided that I would clean some part of the house for her everyday I am home for winter break to keep her happy.
---Haley Welch

My family is honored to be a part of this. We paid a portion of someone's gas fill up, and the person behind us toll. 
---Cathy Davis

In memory of Theo, the Jones' have donated $35 to the adoption fund for Percy, a child with Down Syndrome in Taiwan. Our friend Jen K. is his Christmas Warrior, raising funds towards his adoption fund.
---Bobbi Roberts Jones

For my father and Theo, I fixed 40 lunches today for homeless people and tomorrow I am going to K-Mart to pay off as many layaways for kids' Christmases that I can

I miss Theo. Even though I never technically met him, I miss him so. I hope in some way he and James have found each other and can play sometimes...
            This Friday, my husband Joe and I are bringing toys to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. For James, for Theo, for my Uncle Dieter who died when he was 4 1/2 months old, for so many others and because there are so many children there who I can't bear will be there for Xmas. I must do something because they need to know they are loved. That even though I don't know them, I love them and I care and I hope that helps them in some way.
            Sending love and hugs to your family, those who are walking and those who are soaring. MISSing them so.
            For our children. xox. Loving my Sweet Baby James forever.
---Gina Metcalfe

I helped buy groceries, Christmas dinner, for a young woman and her son.  She had a stroke and he is taking care of her. My friend Connie Wright, daughter Tina Mullins, with the help of others at church, furnished her trailer with furniture, kitchen needs and beds because she had nothing. Another one of the pay-it-forward things I love to do is when I go through a drive through to pick up a meal. I pay for the car behind me.  People come up to my car and thank me and I tell them "Jesus loves you"!!
---Regina Orr Yates

In the past my younger sister and I did not get along at all. Our relationship was very aggressive, evenly physically. It seemed as we grew older, we grew apart. In our primary school years, we showed minimal acts of kindness. They were very few, but they occurred. Then, all kindness disappeared. Until recently. When I went to college, my sister had a change of heart. In the first month of school she even sent me a text telling me goodnight and that she loves me.
            It wasn't supposed to be just the two of us. Six years ago, around this time, we should have received a little brother. He was to be named Jordan Jaivon Scoggins. However, he was was born four months early, and stood no chance. My sister and I were away to visit out grandfather for summer break when we got the call. For a while, I thought I would see Jordan. I thought I would hear him call my name. I am so positive that it was him. I know it, because I look to that little guy as my guardian angel.
            When my sister and I had no emotional connection, we wouldn't even say happy birthday to one another. Now, we are buying Christmas presents for each other. My heart is so filled with love now for my little sister, I smile when I think of how far we've come. So all of my kind acts this holiday season are dedicated to my younger siblings, both gone and here.
---DiaMonté Scoggins

One day in the middle of November, my boyfriend had decided to pick me up from my afternoon class. He was walking me home and he caught a glimpse of something somewhat hidden beneath leaves on the side of the road. It was the an iPhone that was perfectly good and had zero scratches. The protective cover was still on it as well. We stopped and turned it on, there was thankfully no password and the owner's e-mail was readily available. I e-mailed the owner and had her confirm that it was hers by describing the design on the cover. She was very grateful that we had returned it and didn't decide to sell or use it for ourselves!
            My boyfriend also found an i-pad at the airport earlier in June and turned it in. The other week, I was sitting in the VCU commons and found a lost wallet with money, credit cards, and all of what you'd expect in a typical wallet. I sat on guard for 40 minutes to make sure it wasn't someone that had taken a bathroom break or something like that. I turned it in before leaving with the hope that it would be returned.
---Renee & Greg

Hey Mr. F!
This is just a small thing, but for some reason was the first that came to mind when I saw your e-mail. The other night I was in Wal-Mart and of course the lines were out of control. There was an elderly woman in front of me in line and she was having a hard time paying with her debit card. The cashier was starting to get irritated with her slowness, so I asked her if she could read the screen okay. She had poor vision so I helped her push the right buttons on the card machine. I didn't think it was much but when she went to leave she turned, placed a hand on my arm and thanked me. Maybe it was her touch but it warmed my heart and I felt good leaving the store. I hope you have a happy holiday.
    With love,