We invite you to remember your loved ones who have died by committing an act of kindness in their honor. Love, kindness, generosity, sharing, these are the gifts we can give to them.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Being Present...thank you Meg.

I don't want you to think I forgot, because I never forget Theo. He is a part of my daily meditations and prayers: on my way to work or in the few moments when the house is quiet.

This year I was able to help do something special in his and my mom's memory. Our friend Anne Carpenter is dying of lung cancer. She is a special person in the life of our family.  She facilitated the adoption of our oldest boys. She was part teacher, supporter, helper, and a lifeline in a very stressful time in our lives. As an adoptive parent herself, she put her life into her work for over 30 years. We have kept in touch with her throughout her retirement and she has been able to watch all the boys grow.

This past Thursday evening, we went to her house to sing Christmas carols (off-key, of course). The whole family went and she was able to see us all. We only stayed for 10 minutes, but she was laughing at the boys' silly lyrics and singing along with us. What a wonderful memory for our family and hers in what is an otherwise sad situation and having to say goodbye to each other. It was such a small thing but I think it made a lasting example for my boys.  It is so important to seek out opportunities to show how much someone means to you and to be present, especially during difficult times.

much love this christmas season,


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