We invite you to remember your loved ones who have died by committing an act of kindness in their honor. Love, kindness, generosity, sharing, these are the gifts we can give to them.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24th

Merry Christmas in Theo's memory.
Love to you and yours.
I gave $50 to http://tipitinasfoundation.org/
whose mission it is to preserve Louisiana music and culture.
    Much love,
---Carolyn White

In honor of Theo I am praying to be in a state of gratitude. There is so much to be thankful for and it is easy to get off track/distracted by the goings and comings of life. I hope this is in the spirit of what you mean, I have been thinking about what to do and I came up with this idea that for the next two days every thought that is not positive I am going to ask for God to remove and help me to honor Theo's life with gratitude and to say nothing but kind and encouraging words. Your story touches me and moves me in the direction I want my life to mirror one of gratitude and kindness! (Ideally I would live this way all the time but two days would truly be a miracle/gift from God that I could keep my mouth shut and my thoughts on gratitude).

I found out a young guy I work with has a strained relationship with his family and as a result will be alone for Christmas. I will give him an anonymous gift in Theo's memory. I also plan to visit an elderly shut in to deliver some freshly baked goodies on Christmas day, since she turned down my offer to come to our house for Christmas. Always thinking of you. Lula's Christmas card was a BIG HIT with the girls! So cute! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.
---Laura Lee Folman

Hi Jamie, Karla, and Lula,
            I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.  I also hope that many wonderful acts of kindness were performed in honor of Theo's memory.  I decided to call our families in Noah's Children to wish them Merry Christmas and to remind them how very special they are when they take such wonderful care of these very special children, such as Theo.  Your child and all the special children of Noah's Children are never forgotten.
            Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
---Bob A. Archuleta, MD
Medical Director, Noah's Children

I am so glad to have reconnected with you and to read about Theo’s Christmas Stocking Blog. Jamie’s blog entry was so moving I felt compelled to write back. I felt it was so honest, raw and beautiful. Both of you have the ability to find words to express the emotions that only those who have suffered a profound loss of a child can truly comprehend. As always, I am moved to tears and an inner introspection when I read your writing.
            I wanted to share my thoughts with you about what you wrote about how difficult the holidays are for many people. My father’s father passed away at Christmas time when my dad was in high school. As a result, Christmas was always difficult for my father especially since his mom died a few years later. He tried very hard to put on an act for my sister and I. He bought a tree, he bought gifts, he smiled. But my sister and I always knew he was sad. It grew progressively worse over the years and I think also because he mentally associate the holidays with sadness. I was talking with my girlfriends about this a few years ago. I was surprised to find out how many of them struggle with the holidays. Some with alcoholic parents, some with the inability to become pregnant, some having an expectation that the holidays are supposed to be merry and when they are not they are disappointed. I am always amazed at the handful of people I know who truly seem to have the Christmas spirit. My aunt, despite having had multiple miscarriages, losing both of her parents, and having a husband with Crone’s disease, she opens her door on Christmas day with a house in full decor. She makes a thousand cookies and cooks a dinner that would make you cry it is so amazing. And she laughs, she is genuinely happy. I don’t feel that it is an act that she is trying to muster or a day she is trying to “get through”. She embodies that joy. And I find myself envious of her ability to do this.
            I think so much of you and your family and the lives that Theo has touched and continues to touch through both of your writing and Karla with your gift as a therapist. My act of kindness to put in Theo’s stocking is not an ordinary one and I am vowing to do it starting this year. As Yoda says, “Do or do not, there is no try.” But I am going to find the “merry” in Christmas. I am going to do this for my children because I do not want them to remember Christmas with an aura of sadness or to inherit my sense of inability to find the joy. I am going to do this for myself and my friends who struggle with the holidays, as a role model like my aunt who just being in her presence radiates joy. And I will do it for my father who after 45 years of marriage left my mom this year and still seems unable to find peace in his life.
            I was moved by Jamie’s ability while standing in the chaos of the store and the reality that he won't be purchasing an outfit or toy for his 6 year old son, to see the good. To see the joy of the rainbow of children and to know that light will always dispel darkness. And Karla, for you to have the strength to turn this unfathomable loss into a way in which you help others to grieve, to keep breathing, moving forward. And the strength of the bond you two have together is beautiful.
            My gift to you dear Theo is to bring light to my family and others this holiday season. True light and joy, not a fabricated facade of what merry is supposed to be. Your light will always shine on little boy.
            Peace, Love and Light,
            Stacy Chizuk

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In honor of Theo and my son Trip who passedbofbSids in 2007 I gave a family the the Christmas they so deserved and need...in honor of there lives!