We invite you to remember your loved ones who have died by committing an act of kindness in their honor. Love, kindness, generosity, sharing, these are the gifts we can give to them.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Night

We went to church last night for children's service and we lit candles in honor of Theo. Theo will never be forgotten. Enjoy the rest of this day.
---Dave and Julie Fueglein, Theo's uncle and aunt, and Theo's cousins Juliet, Olivia and Sophie

HI Karla
I did my Random Act of Kindness yesterday with cards for Beatrix but held Theo in my mind as we entered the store to give me extra strength.
    For some reason I always get nervous, expecting someone to say, “What? No we can’t accept them for some policy reason or something.”
     Ophelia and I walked into the local service station–we waited in line, hoping for the friendly female attendant and then I said, "Can I please leave these with you and you pass them on to whoever you think?" (Really her part in it all is harder than mine picking someone).
     We left two cards each with $20.
     Her response was just what I needed-first total confusion as she was trying to work out what I was doing, then: “Really? That’s just awesome. Thank you so much.”
     I walked out with a little lump in my throat and tears welling.
     This 6th Christmas seemed harder than others- not as hard as the first but not easier as I hope each year it might be. Maybe I just forget the last one and it’s just the same. I know I try to make it happy for the others and I try to enjoy the parts I know are enjoyable. I think those parts are easier- the carols, the family time.
    Wishing you and all your family a peaceful and warm Christmas.
    With Love
    ---Rachel Neumann

Well hello there Mr. F., it's been quite awhile, and I'm surprised I even got this email, but appreciate that I did considering so far in my attendance at VCU you've been one of my favorite teachers ever.
    Now I'm not sure what your boundaries are in the way of random acts of kindness. However, I was back home and went to this house party of this girl, whose and parents were out of town and I didn't know her, but just a few of the people there. Well by the end of the night her parents' house was completely wrecked every which way: beer cans every possible place, trash thrown everywhere, wine and liquor bottles everywhere, alcohol spilt everywhere, even on the walls. However, I had only but one or two beers and had came to realize that this girl didn't realize the mistake she had made by throwing a party in her parents' house; here she was, genuinely nice for allowing such strangers as myself into her parents' lovely suburban home. No one there cared any about this house. I understood how much it'd mean to me for some stranger to actually care and clean up, so from that point on I silently spent the night cleaning up everything mentioned earlier, up until the moment I left without even saying goodbye. 
    I believe kindness can come in many forms and in far from typical methods, at places least expected of it. 
    Take care and happy holidays,
---Rob Borgatti

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