We invite you to remember your loved ones who have died by committing an act of kindness in their honor. Love, kindness, generosity, sharing, these are the gifts we can give to them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 8, 2013

From Bre Spain:

For my random act of kindness I used my left over swipes (89) and dining dollars (32) to feed the homeless in Monroe Park. Instead of letting them go to waste since they do not roll over to the next semester, I helped feed the needy and give back to the less fortunate. It was a great feeling.

From David Pandolfe:

I think of you often, and I think of Theo’s Christmas Stocking each year. With regard to acts of kindness, I try to teach my kids that the less fortunate around us on the streets are not invisible or scary. That we can not only stop and open our wallets but we can also say hello and ask how they are doing. I hope my kids learn from the experience. I think they do.
Hope you’re doing well.
Best wishes.

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