We invite you to remember your loved ones who have died by committing an act of kindness in their honor. Love, kindness, generosity, sharing, these are the gifts we can give to them.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013

From Stan Kustesky:

I was going over to our local mall on Tuesday and I saw two really young guys on the sidewalk.  One was sitting there with a black puppy and the other facing traffic with a sign that read: “Traveling.  We are 3.  Ugly.”  They weren’t hitchhiking; rather looking for gas money. There was really nothing ugly or guileful about them, but I went on toward the highway entrance.  Then it hit me:  there’s nothing I really need at that mall except birthday wrapping paper, so I continued past the entrance and went around a large block to return to the kids and the dog.  I guess when you go over a certain age, anyone under 50 is a “kid.”  All I had was a $50 bill which the bank had given me and I didn’t realize it until I opened my wallet.  Then I said, to myself, naturally, “So what?”  I remember that age when $ was at a premium and I just wanted to get where I was going.  So I gave it to them.  From what I could see in my rear-view mirror, they were thrilled beyond words.  I knew I had done the right thing.  And now I will stuff the stocking with it.  
Merry Christmas, Fueglein Family.

From Alex Kreher:

Hello Jamie, Karla and Lula,
I hope you are all well and Karla, it was great seeing you a few weeks ago.
I have been thinking of Theo a lot lately and yesterday I decided to bake a big pile of Crepes filled with banana pieces and Nutella and walk down my block to give fresh, hot crepes to random people and businesses along the way. Some people were hesitant at first but then I told them I am doing it in memory of Theo and told his story.
Big hugs to all of you and a merry Christmas!
Alex and Zoe.

From Doreen Haase:

Dear Karla and Jamie,
I’ve been an Au pair in 2008/2009. That was the time I met Alex and Zoe. I saw Alex’s video post on Facebook. I watched it and it was so sad... But in the other way... So beautiful! How you handle the situation and also the big pain!
A really good friend of mine died of cancer in beginning of March this year. We spoke on the phone on Tuesday afternoon. I had to work this day. The next morning I drove to the hospital. I had this self-made soft animal with me. For him. That he is not alone. When I arrived there I tried to find him. After 30 minutes of searching, they told me he’d died this morning. That was a slap in my face. I never could give him the last big hug I ever wanted. Never say him again that I love him. That he always be in my heart till the end of days. So I hadn’t the chance to say good bye.
At the funeral I gave his mom the soft animal, because that she is not alone. I miss him every single day! He is every day in my heart and my memories! And so he is not dead. He’s just in the other side, where I cannot see him at the moment.
I try to act kind as often as possible. Yesterday I helped a mom out of the door with her baby stroller. This is not much! But it made her day better.
Keep your son always in your heart... Your memories... So he will never be forgotten and always loved. The world needs more humans like you! That give strength, warmth and hope to the others!
I wish you a merry Christmas! Happy holidays!
Kind regards, Doreen from Germany

From Anonymous:

I was actually thinking about emailing you again, but I was hesitant because I kinda did the same thing as I did last year. I had one swipe left over and i remembered Theo’s stocking so I went to Shafer and swiped a full pizza and a liter of soda. The lady was nice enough to let me get the pizza because the pizza cost 2 swipes and I only had 1. So after I got the pizza and soda, I walked straight to Monroe Park and gave it to a group of homeless people. They happily accepted it. It wasn’t a lot, but the feeling of committing a random act of kindness was rewarding in itself. Happy Holidays to you and your family Mr.F.

From Katie Allen:

I donated goods to my church’s (Redemption Hill) Thanksgiving drive and I donated so my friend could go on a December mission trip. 

From Anonymous:

Hey, Mr. F!
I found a $50 bill on the ground and gave it to a homeless person with a dog. I figured he needed it more than I did. Thank you for sending this to everyone again. It’s such a great way to honor your son, Theo. 
Happy Holidays! 

From Cara Vu:

Mr. F,
To one of the best instructors I have had at VCU, I hope you and your family are doing well. For my act of kindness, I will from January 4th-11th, 2014, travel to Honduras with an organization called Students Helping Honduras to help build schools for children who are not as fortunate as we are to attend schools in a safe, sturdy building.
In addition, my mechanic has been having financial issues lately. His shop is a very small garage, but he always takes care of his customers’ cars and takes the time to check a little more than asked for to ensure the car is in tip-top shape without charging extra despite his already cheap prices. I went to see him to fix a few things recently when he told me of his financial  woes so I decided to tip him an extra $30 for the holidays in addition to doing such a beautiful job fixing up my car. (If anyone needs a fix up on their vehicle, call (804) 254-3838 and ask for Hamid Madani! :))
Happy holidays everyone, and do good not just for the holidays or for Theo, but also to help make this world a better place.

From Haley Welch:

Mr F,
So far I have held a door open for an elderly couple at Denny’s and let people walk across the street instead of me driving super fast and being a jerk. My boyfriend donated any change he had in his pocket for paralyzed, wounded, and homeless war veterans. And a friend of ours had a plane ticket arranged for my boyfriend to come home for Christmas because he originally couldn’t.

From Tyra:

I was thinking about random acts of kindness and what I could do to dedicate it to Theo. I was thinking and thinking, but then life got in the way and I started doing other things. Then this past week my mom asked did I want to come to church to cook for the homeless and I said yeah! So I went to church and helped prepare meals for the homeless for the following day. I then realized that the best acts of kindness sort of happen when you don’t realize it, or it’s just an instinct that makes you do it without out thought. I don’t feel that I have done many random acts of kindness, but then again I have a bad memory. This one is memorable though not only because it was for a good cause, and made me feel good inside, but because it was in memory of a little boy who I am sure would’ve done the same and much more. I know your son is looking down on this movement that you’re doing and smiling. Thank you for opening this opportunity to us it definitely has made me want to do more to make an impact while I am still here.

From John Kim:
During finals my roommates and I found a cat shivering in the winter cold. We found her near our front door and once we opened it, it just ran in to escape the cold. We let it stay for a while since we couldn't let such an innocent animal be cold and hungry outside. We fed it, groomed it and let it sleep on my bed. Although we put up ads on Craigslist and Facebook looking for an owner, we received no response as of yet. We decided instead of giving it to a shelter where we cannot know her fate for certain, we decided to instead give it to a mutual friend's mother. We felt that was the best decision we can do because at least we know the cat will be in a loving new home.

From Michael Barnes:

Hey Mr. F.
I have an act that I did a few months ago that I thought of Theo when I committed it. I’m a part time delivery driver while I’m in school, and on one of my deliveries, the woman was short a few dollars for her order so I offered to just pay the difference so she and her family could have their food and enjoy their night. I remembered the stocking for your son from freshman year and thought I would share it with you now. Hope to see you around campus soon!

From Laura Gariepy:

Jamie and family,
Your email about Theo’s stocking moved me very deeply. I so enjoyed reading a bit about Theo on your blog this morning.  My daughter was also in the mohawk camp when she was a couple of months old.  ;)  I hope I can send you several more emails over the next couple of days about other random acts of kindness I commit, and that the one I’m sharing with you now is just the first of several.
This morning, my husband Dan and I made a small donation to the MISS Foundation in Theo’s honor after learning about it on your blog. What an incredible mission. I hope this group brought (and continues to bring) you tremendous comfort, and we’re honored to be able to support the cause.
The way you commemorate Theo’s memory through his stocking is beautiful. Thank you for encouraging us all to do something wonderful to keep his spirit alive!
Wishing you the very happiest of holidays!

From Kathryn Thompson:

Hi Jamie,
I gave a man a few dollars the other night to help him buy gas to get home. I pray your family has a blessed holiday!

From Theresa Kennedy:

Jamie -- 
I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find something and I’ve wanted to send you guys something for years but have never run into a great opportunity.  And then yesterday, in the parking lot of Costco, a very *small* opportunity presented itself. 
A woman was pushing a huge cart full of stuff out to her car when a box fell off of the bottom of the cart.  She stopped and I reached down, grabbed the box, put it back on the cart, and then tried to stabilize some of the stuff that was on the cart for her so it wouldn’t fall again. And then I thought of Theo.  
So, something very small -- no big deal -- but I did it in honor of Theo.  
Thanks for the opportunity!  Merry Christmas! 

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