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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Newest Kindness--From my beautiful friends Pam and JB

Jamie, Karla, Lula-
JB & I live in a somewhat transitional neighborhood- the typical scenario of urban revitalization. Most of our neighbors are wonderful, but there is the one house across the street.... rental, single mom, 5 kids (as far as we can tell). The kids are often a nightmare- throwing rocks, loud music, fighting, teasing their dog- and we have yelled at them so many times over the past couple of years. They are left unsupervised to play in basically the street, and their boredom leads to trouble.
The last time that I yelled at them (they were trying to throw batteries over our house), I had a guilty feeling. I started thinking about how we have witnessed their mother scream and curse at them, and imagining what a lonely, empty life they likely lead. JB commented that the anger and frustration is visible in the eyes of the oldest boy.

We have decided to fill a box with books, toys, journals, etc. and leave it on their front porch on Christmas day. We will probably tag it "From Santa" and definitely give it a dragonfly stamp. Maybe it will be a little beacon of light in what looks to be a miserable home situation.
WE LOVE YOU and will be thinking of you through the holidays.

Hug you shouldahs,

Pam n JB

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