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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hey Helbert Fueglein Family!

I hope you are enjoying some down time this time of year. I just arrived in FL last night and will be staying through Sunday. It is our first Christmas without my mom, so it will be different. I still need to go through her clothes down here...hoping to do that today.

My Theo Stocking Story took place last Thursday, Charlotte Reynolds, a loving little 4 year old, has a brain tumor and is working with Noah's Children at this time to maintain comfort. Her blog can be found at http://www.cjstuf.blogspot.com/

I went to her house with my portable chiropractic table and provided chiropractic care for her parents, Rachel and Roger, and did some gentle work on Charlotte. At the time, she was unable to open her mouth, so I did some gentle massage on her TMJ and gentle adjusting on her upper neck. The doctor also changed her meds to a liquid form and for the next several days, she was able to open her mouth and eat soft foods!!

It was a heartbreaking visit, reminding me of where we were a few years ago. So much has changed, but so much remains.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. Give Lula a great bug hug and kiss from me. I LOVED your Christmas card...ADORABLE and I loved the handprints. Your creativity amazes me!

Take care and Happy 2010, if I don't see you next week. Love to you all!


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